Payment Method

Payment Methods:

Methods of payment available are based on the country where you place your order and the total amount on the bill.

Credit/Debit card:

Your credit/debit card will automatically be charged by our financial service provider. Your order will begin processing after all necessary verifications have been completed.


The transaction will be processed by PayPal, an external financial service provider. During the checkout process, you will be redirected to PayPal and pay with your account there. Your data will not be transferred to Superrep. After PayPal has completed verification, your order will then be processed.


When shopping on our website, payments will be processed in USD. If your credit card company or bank uses a different currency, the final transaction price may differ due to currency exchange rates. Please contact your payment provider for further information.

The Payment has failed:

*Payment/cash on delivery (purchase order) isn’t possible at Superrep.

If your payment for the order didn t succeed, there could be a few reasons behind it. Please don t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service Team via email at [email protected], using the subject line Payment Unsuccessful. Kindly provide us with detailed information and/or screenshots of any issues you faced (if available).

The Order confirmation number:

Order confirmation number/code is created specifically for online purchases. Once your online transaction is successfully completed, an email detailing your order will be sent to you.

If you haven t received your Order Confirmation Code, we re here to help! Please contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected] with the subject line Check Order for prompt assistance.

For any further inquiries, please don t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team via email at [email protected] with the subject Order Support.